Brainin Method – Ear Training for children – 1st year of instruction

Here are demonstrated two forms of work with 4 to 6 years old children in order to develop their memory for music. These forms of work are:
(1) Hearing „in colors“ (means relative pitch as a basis);
(2) Hearing in phrases (means rhythmic patterns as a bases).
You can see on this video the 1st year of instruction, which prepares children for more serious work with musical phenomena. The aim and later results one could observe in my other videos about the Brainin Method.

Brainin Method – Ear Training for Rhythm, children from 6 to 11 years old

Children should write down the rhythm of two musical phrases with syncopes after they have listened to the teacher who has played music on the piano.

Brainin Method – Ear Training „in colors“-2

Relative degrees of the scale are connected with colors of the spectrum. Children from 6 to 11 years should hear the degrees „synaesthesically“ such as colored images. For instance, I=green, bII=violet, II=yellow, bIII=blue, III=orange etc. The details one could find in the article ‚Employment of Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Ideas in Ear Training (Microchromatic Pitch. Coloured Pitch)‘ by Valeri Brainin. Special melodic cadences help to hear the degrees predictively.

Brainin Method – Ear Training „in colors“-3

It is possible to learn melodic cadances in order to recognize 12 chromatic degrees in the relative scale. If you will learn these cadances by heart and if you do not have perfect pitch, but have heard the tonic of this or that key, you will get a skill to guess immediately every of 12 degrees.

Perfect Pitch – Brainin Method – Musical Intellect Development

The children are 6-10 years old. The main aim of the method is to develop predictive perception of music. As the side effect the perfect pitch is developing.

Children should understand chords which they are listening to, then they should play chords after a teacher, who is playing them on the piano, and write down them using correct symbols such as Am/E etc.

A 6 years old boy should memorize the four-voices choral and to harmonize the second phrase by himself with correct voice-leading. Also he should repeat on the piano some complicated chords from ear.